A property manager controls, cares for and is accountable for the useful life and condition of a property.

Bink Realty, LLC is one of Palm Beach’s leading property management companies. We have years of experience in the management of residential real estate. We help many homeowners with the acquisition and disposition of their residential real estate. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your investing real estate needs.

Why Bink Realty, LLC?

No upfront commissions

There are Zero upfront commissions for us to start working for you. We do not get paid until we have secured and rented your property to a highly qualified and screened tenant.

Quality Tenants

We run an extensive credit, criminal and eviction background on all our potential tenants, ensuring we minimize poor tenants and place quality tenants into all our clients’ properties.

Licensed and Experience

Residential Property Management is a tough business and involves lots of paperwork, lease agreements, reports, legal requirements, maintenance, among other things. We are experienced and have a network alliance to take all of the details off your plate – We have you covered!

The Bink Realty, LLC difference

24/7 Property Management

Our service includes:

Credit report

Eviction check

Criminal background check

Online Rent Collection

24 hour office dropbox rent collection

24/7 Maintenance Requests


Enforcement of Lease

Monthly and Annual Reporting

Property Inspections

Move-In and Move-out Inspections

Pay Vendor Bills


Eviction Protection – Although we closely screen all of our tenants and do extensive background checks sometimes tenants fail to pay their rent. You can be confident knowing we have the experience and necessary means of dealing with this issue.

Landscape and Maintenance Service – Many times a tenant will not take care of your investment as well as we would like. This includes landscaping and general property maintenance. We have our property preservation landscaping and property maintenance packages for all sizes and property types.

Inspection Service – We take your investment serious and will try to catch any issue before coming a problem with our signature quarterly property inspections. During these inspections we check the A/C unit and property condition of the residential real estate.