Do you have a vacation property or a property you are not living in and want to sell? We can help you.

Bink Realty, LLC is one of Palm Beach’s leading real estate brokers dealing with absentee owners and property management. We have years of experience in the management of residential real estate. We help many homeowners with the disposition and management of their residential real estate. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your real estate needs.

Why Bink Realty, LLC?


Absentee owners are people that own and rents out a property to a tenant to earn profit but they do not live in the same region of the property.


In some cases an absentee owner fails to keep up with the proper maintenance of the property. Bink Realty, LLC is experienced in this field and can handle the general maintenance and property management of your property while you are not here to tend to the daily tasks needed to keep your property running.

Vast Network

Bink Realty, LLC has a vast network of professionals that we work alongside with to manage the liquidation of real estate. Our network consists of appraisers, contractors, title companies, inspectors and many other professions to assist through the selling process.